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invasion dream

the web design itself is very simple. A table with some images that you can click on to see the hq version - they're unsourced, as things often were; scans of (then) hard to come by magazines or cds or photobooks were passed around, sometimes watermarked... it's interesting to note that a lot of the same scans are still being shared to this day, relics of their time. Relics twice over.

vis kei korner

one of the more delightful features of old fan sites is the usage of extremely 'cringey' graphics and font choices -- comic sans has a sort of bad reputation now, but back then, the usage of the font was completely fine due to the lack of a standardised web design language. Another feature that's filled with pros and cons is the usage of handed down information; the information on bands from Japan would, of course, be initially handed down by those who lived there or travelled - some information would, of course, be lost in translation, leading to bizarre rumours and misinformation, but the lack of much verifiable personal information on the musicians arguably adds a lot of mystique. (Webmaster's note: personally, it's more exciting to know very little about the artist in question - nothing destroys the aura of a musician than trivial personal information.)

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel (established in the year of our lord 2000, no less) has a very delightful design - simple, cute and gothic. It's definitely one of the most visually pleasing fan sites, the webmaster sakuya having these pretty customised buttons, and a cohesive colour scheme. There's a lot that can be done with very rudimentary html; it's quite inspiring to me, to see what others can do with limited knowledge of web desigm, it's like collage in many ways.

Using a dir en grey cosplay as a profile picture, as well as a nickname, and keeping the personal information as sparse and as visual kei focused as possible, we really don't get a picture of the webmaster sakuya beyond her involvement in the visual kei scene - ideal, she can live her life as normal. Using the internet as a music-focused space and not using it as a primary source of connection is what I think is happening here. Going to the internet with the intent to learn more about the scene, instead of just 'existing' online is more healthy, in my humble non-psychiatric opnion.