TIME CUBE is a website started by 'Cubic' Gene Ray - in his seemingly incoherent rambling, he managed to create an extremely iconic example of thought and the unique nature of the mind. The discussions surrounding TIME CUBE have, however (as is with most 'outsider' things), revolved around mockery and disdain - the incoherence and 'insanity' of the text providing entertainment for ignorant onlookers. Though TIME CUBE is an example of the incoherence of the ill mind, it doesn't necessarily have to be treated as a sad curiosity. The Webmaster argues that the existence and persistence of TIME CUBE, and its legacy, carry an importance in Internet lore.

The sense of 'anything' being permissable online is generally overstated... with the state of social media and the cost of personal domains, the ability to truly say 'anything' is limited - how many people have been put on watchlists due to things they've said online? Being constantly monitored is the reality of the current age. There's real pressure to behave yourself.

"I have so much to teach you, but you ignore me you boring asses. You will recognize 4 corner Days or incur Easter Island Ending."

The derision that TIME CUBE and Cubic Gene Ray isn't just a case of simple mockery of an outsider - there is a sense that all that is online is public property, which in turn leads to dehumanisation. The reality of his mental health was pushed aside for the sake of entertainment. What has generally been reserved for celebrities has become reality for everyday people - the megaphone that is the public website has turned many people extremely vulnerable, so while their art or their minds have a space to exist, in turn they are faced with incessant mockery.

But therein lies the curiosity of being an 'online presence' - at the same time too real and not human enough; your private thoughts are broadcast but turned into entertainment; the hyperreality of the online personality plays out like reality TV.