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House / Nobuhiko Obayashi (1977)

A nightmare-space - reality breaks down in every shot, ghosts seems to permeate every soft-focus frame of the film. The antiques create a space that exists beyond time, entering, they're in a world separate, where anything can transpire (and does)

Safe / Todd Haynes (1995)

The claustrophobia, bizarre pattern mixing and clashing colour scheme create a deeply unsettling space - the deterioration of the main character's mental state is reflected in the subtly 'off' spaces that she exists in. It is an empty film full of people, the spaces close in.

Seconds / John Frankenheimer (1966)

The film is staged - of course - but diageteically it is also staged. The experimental camera work simulates derealisation, but to me, the way that this house has been staged - meticulously arranged - gives a sense that it hasn't even been lived in - and it hasn't. It is unsettling and empty, also.

Kamikaze Girls / Tetsuya Nakashima (2004)

In contrast, Momoko's room is lush and maximalist, her taste evident in every single centimetre of her space. She makes it her own, perfectly congruent with her clothing style. The most important thing to me is that when she leaves, the beauty of her room is reflected in her clothing and relentless courage, despite what anyone thinks of her. Her space is wherever she goes.

Barren Illusion / Kiyoshi Kurosawa (1999)

This film truly is 'barren' - I was enamoured by the sterility and loneliness of these spaces, the geometry being almost hostile. On the other end, the darkness of the cramped and dilapitated apartment in the first shot expresses the other end of isolation.